Barranco fue reconocido como unos de los 25 distritos “Hipster” del Mundo

En su pagina Yahoo Noticias se publico el
27 Nov 2014 el articulo Los 25 barrios más hipsters del mundo

El estilo de vida hipster no entiende de fronteras: vaqueros o jeans desgastados, barbas frondosas y camisas de cuadros se extienden por todo el mundo, y muchas veces escogen barrios específicos para vivir donde los vecinos comparten gustos. Y es que esta forma de pensar y de vivir está asociada a la cultura independiente, como la música y el cine.

  1. Kreuzberg, Berlín (Alemania)
  2. Malasaña, Madrid (España)
  3. Vila Madalena, São Paulo (Brasil)
  4. West Queen West, Toronto (Canadá)
  5. The Mission, San Francisco (Estados Unidos)
  6. Shoreditch, Londres (Reino Unido)
  7. Plagwitz, Leipzig (Alemania)
  8. North Loop, Minneapolis (Estados Unidos)
  9. Pearl District, Portland (Estados Unidos)
  10.  Shimokitazawa, Tokio (Japón)
  11. Södermalm, Estocolmo (Suecia)
  12. Palermo Soho / Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  13. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Nueva York (Estados Unidos)
  14. Northern Liberties, Philadelphia (Estados Unidos)
  15. Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (China)
  16. Fitzroy, Melbourne (Australia)
  17. Florentin, Tel Aviv (Israel)
  18. Lapa, Río de Janeiro (Brasil)
  19. Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh (Estados Unidos)
  20. Little Five Points, Atlanta (Estados Unidos)
  21. Barranco, Lima (Perú) El distrito peruano de Barranco es uno de los 43 distritos de la provincia de Lima, capital del Perú. Limita al norte con el distrito de Miraflores, al este con el distrito de Santiago de Surco y al sur con el distrito de Chorrillos.  
  22. Belleville y Ménilmontant, París (Francia)
  23. District VII, Budapest (Hungría)
  24. East Austin, Austin – Texas (Estados Unidos)
  25. Echo Park, Los Ángeles (Estados Unidos)

Barranco tiene actividad bohemia en mayor cantidad los fines de semana y si desea conoce mas u organizar un paseo no dude en comunicarse con nosotros al mail info@Peru-Travel.Info o deje un comentarios



The North Coast of Peru among the 52 places to go (by New York Times)

On Jan 09, 2015 The New York Times – Travel published and article on the 52 Places to Go in 2015.

They say that “Untrammeled oases beckon, once-avoided destinations become must-sees and familiar cities offer new reasons to visit”.

  1. Milan, Italy
  2. Cuba
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Yellowstone National Park
  5. Elqui Valley, Chile
  6. Singapore
  7. Durban, South Africa
  8. Bolivia
  9. Faroe Islands
  10. Macedonia
  11. Medellín, Colombia
  12. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  13. Orlando, Florida
  14. Zimbabwe
  15. Burgundy, France
  16. Lower Manhattan, New York
  17. Tanzania
  18. The North Coast of Peru – A desert coast begs to be explored.
    As tourism in Peru expands beyond the obligatory trip to Cuzco, this  often overlooked  desert region  is opening up.
    The company Lindblad Cruises has added stops in Trujillo,  near important archaeological sites like the adobe city of Chan Chan and the Moche pyramid complexes of Sipán and El Brujo, which have opened  museums in  recent years.  In town, the Libertador   hotel is set in a Spanish colonial mansion,
    Farther north, you reach the Chaparrí Reserve outside of Chiclayo,  a habitat for highly  threatened Andean spectacle bears. Chaparri Reserve will have a bit of pop-cultural relevance this year with the release of  a Paddington  Bear  film,  built around a member  of the species “from deepest, darkest Peru.
    If you’d prefer nature by day and boutique digs by night, the eco-hotelier  Inkaterra  is  following up   the opening of  the six-room KiCHIC,   in  the low-key  surf village  of  Mancora,   by  laying the groundwork  for community- based tourism projects  like sport-fishing  and  whale-watching  charters  at nearby Cabo Blanco, a former  Hemingway  fishing  hangout,  while pushing  to  establish  a marine reserve and eventually a hotel. (Written by NICHOLAS GILL)
    Besides these  places that  The New York Times  mentions,  you Have Caral, The oldest Civilization of American and The Chavin the Huantar Laberynth  that can be e asuly combinesd  with the North Coast. A trip that begins in Lima and goes up to the North crossing Caral, Huaraz and reaching Trujillo and finally Chiclayo. This will be once in a lifetime experience.
  19. Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  20. Oman
  21. Cleveland, Ohio
  22. Sri Lanka
  23. New Orleans, Louisiana
  24. Adelaide, Australia
  25. Georgia
  26. Manchester, England
  27. Campeche, Mexico
  28. Greenland
  29. Papua New Guinea
  30. Bend, Oregon
  31. Rabat, Morocco
  32. Squamish, Canada
  33. Seoul, South Korea
  34. St. Kitts
  35. Shikoku, Japan
  36. San Antonio
  37. San José del Cabo, Mexico
  38. Alentejo, Portugal
  39. The Catskills, New York
  40. Quebec City, Canada
  41. Canton Valais, Switzerland
  42. Île-de-France
  43. Danang, Vietnam
  44. Chengdu, China
  45. Miami Beach, Florida
  46. Shanghai
  47. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  48. Rome, Italy
  49. Cáceres, Spain
  50. Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico
  51. Baku, Azerbaijan
  52. Kas, Turkey

Considering the North Coast of Peru in the list means that we have many interestimg activities n the area, such as exploring to discover the cultures that once debeloped in the country, the archaeology, the Ecological Reserve,  the gastronomy and the adventure. The North Coast of Peru has more places yet to study and many hidden secret to be discovered. In case you are interetsed in dicovering  North Coast of Peru feel free to contact us by mail :

Photos by Roberto Carlos CASTRO